When Friendship Is Hard Work.

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When Friendship Is Hard Work.

Why everyone needs a history friend….

My mama has dear friends whom she is in regular contact with, from her pre-school days. That’s over 60 years of friendships. She and her pals have all shared the lives of their children, marriage, divorce, death, mid-life crises and everything in between.  And their connection is as strong as it’s ever been.
They don’t rely on social media to connect, they will pick up the phone and have an actual conversation, or hop on a train, bus or plane to see each other in person. I truly believe it is this face-to-face interaction that has enabled these friendships to grow, change with the seasons and still flourish.

In this day of transient lives and on-line socialising (of which I partake in as well), sometimes it’s easier to write a text message or shoot off a comment on Facebook, than actually looking at someone’s face and conversing.  I think we all want to show our best sides and this has never been more appealing than in the era of Instagram grid highlights and tweets of happy moments. Even if those moments are only a few minutes long in a day.

But here is the thing about history – it means something. It’s so very special when you have it, like a rare gem.
New pals are wonderful and exciting and they can expose you to a whole new world of knowledge and wonder.
Old friends hold treasures in jars of clay that have weight and depth, that you cannot measure all in one sitting.

Sharing stories of “do you remember when?” or reminiscing about events and people. Catching up on the present, dreaming of the future, it’s like gold.
Hold onto that gold and don’t just chase the most current and shiniest new kid on the block.

History friend 1
Because your history friend knows you in a way that your new pal doesn’t.

Your history friend will call you out when you are behaving badly and set your feet upon sturdy ground. They know when you are lying or being cagey – because they know you. They are well-acquainted with your heart.

And whilst your new friend will revel in the shape of your hands, your old friend will know the exact imprint by heart. The curve of your palm and the rough edges that are still being refined.

Your new pal and you will be in the first lovely flush of connection and no doubt stroke your ego and hang off every word you speak. They will agree with everything you say and nod at all the right places.
Your history friend will not. And sometimes that can seem like hard work. As though the connection is stale and not worth the effort – the nitty gritty of friendship. You may tire of their ways, as they will yours, and the grass seems so much more appealing and greener with the newer model.

My advice? Do not run to the one who tells you what you want to hear.
Stick with your history friend who builds into your heart, as well as your soul. Allow them space to breathe and permit them much grace to trip and fall. But be the hand that is always available to welcome them back, into the fold of your heart and continued friendship.

I read an article recently by The Pool, written by Viv Groskop.  She explains that since they launched the ‘Dear Viv’ podcast (aka old-fashioned agony aunt), at The Pool just three years ago, they have literally received hundreds of emails and letters each week.  And the one subject that comes up all the time, the topic that is constantly a subject to be addressed, is friendships.
Often the most asked questions are “what is wrong with me?” and “why has this suddenly gone wrong?”

History Friend 2
And whilst I don’t have any easy answers for those friendship questions myself, I do believe that many friendships formed quickly and intensely, aren’t always the ones that last the distance.
We have all had those friends who want to spend every minute of every day with us. And those who will message us numerous times in a 24 hour period to check-in. Sometimes these connections can be stifling, albeit lovely at first, they can stale very quickly. And when that friendship breaks down, over a misunderstanding or a cross word, that can leave a stain on one’s heart. A hurt soul.
Oftentimes it is then that we realise those history friends are the ones that we can rely on and always return to.

I have a dear best friend who lives in Australia. We often say to each other that we are so fortunate to have met and formed such a strong bond. We have adapted to the changes in our lives, parented small children, supported each other through numerous heartbreaking life events, built a business together, laughed until our sides ached, and survived a long-distance connection across the world. We have argued and disagreed and cried and forgiven. Again and again.
We are each other’s greatest cheerleaders, fiercest advocates and true sisters in Christ. I will forever be grateful for her input into my life and her commitment to our friendship, as I am to her. I miss her every single day and long to be able to pop over for a cup of tea in my jammies and devour a block of chocolate together. And I love her with all my heart.

That said however, this friendship is one built on doing the tough yards. Of having those uncomfortable conversations, sitting in moments of silence when we are both unsure and confused about the other’s feelings or emotions. It’s still work on both sides of the ocean for us and remains a deep commitment. However, the rewards, my word, the rewards, are rich, as we both give each other portion after portion of grace and love amidst our own brokenness.
Best friends come with the privileged title of walking, not just in the sunshine, but also the valley.

These connections, these deeply moving friendships, are the keepers. And in this day of transient people and transient friends – your keeper friends are all the more precious for sticking by you.

Because you aren’t so lovely all the time either.

History Friend 3

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Do you want a Holiday in the Tropics?

Do you want a Holiday in the Tropics?

Yesterday, I was there!

On that tropical island.
It was practically deserted.
The sun was warm on my face, but not burning.
My body was relaxed, each muscle at rest. My mind still.
The waves were tickling my feet
and exotic birds were calling somewhere in the distance.

It was heaven.

I can see this scene play in my mind.
So clearly.
Even though I wasn’t there physically, I sure was mentally.
A dear friend of mine came to visit.
She didn’t realise at the time, the impact her visit had on my heart and soul.
You see, I needed some time to be me again.
Not mummy or babe, rescuer or foe, neither fierce nor faint.
I just wanted to be Catherine. For a little while.
And that’s what she allowed me to do.

She fed me. With kindness and the touch of her hands.
As well as information on how to care for my skin and in doing so, my heart again.
Because it’s so easy to get lost in – everything– and forget me!
We talked about using natural products to nourish and restore our bodies.
We delighted in the beauty of essential oils and how they made our hands feel divinely soft again, like they should feel, before being ravaged  by hard water and the elements.
As my dry skin soaked in the nutrients from the plant based, vegan creams and elixirs, I began to feel restored as well.
Of course, there is no miracle cream or cure for ageing.
We have to work with what we have and look after it the best way possible.

And moving forward, that’s what I vowed to do.

If five minutes a day is spent on caring for my skin and body, I know that will become the best five minutes, I can invest in the day.
Back into me.

I will be honest – I am extremely sceptical of most beauty companies’ claims about their products.
I don’t buy into it.
In fact, I’m pretty much not interested full stop.|
I find them expensive and frankly, all the hype that surrounds their outrageous claims of having younger, fresher and healthier skin, through their products solely, is tiring.
Way too much money is spent on packaging, marketing and flawed results.

Not to mention all the nasties that so many beauty companies hide from the general public. Click here for more information.

Tropics Skincare

Whereas, Tropics Skincare, impressed me straight off the bat.
And took me by surprise, given my skeptical heart.
Formed by owner/entrepreneur, Susie Ma, Tropics, is an example of passion, combined with integrity, that instantly caught my attention and my trust.
Susie’s upbringing in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia, was also a winning factor. Being an Australian myself, I felt like we had a common bond through the amazing resources she was uses in her brand. The natural plants and botanical actives that inspire many of Tropic’s formulations, are testament to her Aussie heritage.

I am also a sucker for humble beginnings too.
At only 15, teenager Susie, began her demure journey making just one product, a homemade body scrub, which she sold at a stall in Greenwich Market, London on weekends.
She initially had no money to outlay and therefore used her creative brain to borrow stickers and spatulas from her school and doctors surgery.
On her very first day of trading at the markets, she completely sold out of her 50 pots of scrub.
And Tropics Skincare was born.
The collection now contains over 100 skincare and cosmetic products from innovative botanical makeup to luxurious skincare and body care, freshly made in their Surrey Beauty Kitchen.
A little cash injection and mentoring from Alan Sugar, a British business magnet and media personality, helped her along her way even more.

I have been shown all the benefits of Tropic’s ABC collection, after being the recipient of a gentle facial.
The ABC consists of their Smoothing Cleanser (which literally melts makeup off at the end of the day), Bamboo Face-wash, Vitamin D Toner (closes pores or for a quick refresh anytime) and the Skin Revive (which encompasses an astounding 20 fruit and flower ingredients).
As an added bonus, the Face Smooth is free with any ABC purchase, and is a brightening polish, containing almond oil, vitamin E and bamboo silica, to remove nasty dead skin cells.These treasures also contain the purifying aspects of Australian Aloe Vera, hydrating Jojoba Oil and an Aussie favourite – the The Australian Kakadu Plum, for a full skin detox.
I have to mention the Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, which I gently massaged into my hands. It contains a brightening polish of almond oil, vitamin E and sea salt. After the scrub was washed away in warm water, the oils lingered on my skin, feeling so incredibly soft and nourishing.

Plus their signature, essential oil blend of Lemon Myrtle, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Patchouli, Lime, Lemon and Spearmint is wonderfully priced at £10 for 5ml bottle, and perfect to diffuse or place a few drops in a soothing bath.

And finally, I am just in love with the lavender mist to spritz on bedding for a refreshing and soothing pick-me-up – at home or away. This smells absolutely gorgeous. I am a huge fan of lavender essential oils anyway and diffuse lavender daily, especially in the bedrooms at night. The light spritz is perfect for me to take away when I miss the smell and relaxing comforts of home.

These products don’t need any selling because they literally sell themselves with their pure goodness and authenticity. And my skin honestly hasn’t felt this good in a very long time.

If anybody is interested in a pamper session or would like a catalogue for more information, please contact via email, savory.sue@gmail.com

If you would like to learn more about the nuts and bolts of Tropics and speak to an Ambassador, here is Sue Savory’s personal link –www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/suesavory

As you can tell, I was enormously impressed with Tropics and would encourage you to begin your wellness journey through touching base with Sue and letting the products work their magic

This post has no affiliate association. I do not receive anything in return for this review.

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5 Ways to Woo your Valentine – Day Four/Part Four

5 Ways to Woo your Valentine –
Day Four/Part Four

So, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day!
In fact, it’s the day before the big day of love. Number four of ways to Woo your Valentine is becoming One.

I wanted to talk about the best piece of advice my husband, Matthew, and I were given during our marriage preparation.

Before I reveal our secret – a word about our pre-marriage counselling.
It consisted of six weeks (felt like six years at the time) of wise counsel by a man, Matthew and I most deeply respect, the Pastor of our church we attended at the time.

He was one of those people who was softly spoken and slightly intimidating.
I felt he could penetrate to the very heart of my soul.
And read my mind at the same time.

We literally turned up each week to our sessions, in fear and trembling.
If I had a catholic faith as well, my prayer beads would have been tightly gripped in my sweaty, shaking hands and many hail Mary’s would have been fervently recited.

However, that pre-marriage torture was to become the corner-stone and reference point of our entire marriage to this day.

The words our Pastor shared with us and the prayers he spoke over us, were challenging but unforgettable.
We had no idea how many times over the course of our nearly 25 year marriage, we would reflect back on that training and wisdom.

I was merely 19 years old, when we sat before our Pastor, thinking we were just going through the motions to receive his blessing of marriage.
And whilst I knew Matthew was the man chosen for me by God, I was just a baby myself.
However, I can never thank our Pastor enough for being bold and real and for colouring our marriage in ways we have been endlessly thankful for over and over again.

Being One

He repeatedly told us we were to become One.
I’ll admit, I did think it was quite a religious thing to refer to (as in the Bible it says, ‘a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one – Genesis 2:24).
It made me squirmy.
I wanted him to stop talking about becoming One.
I didn’t want to talk about sex with our Pastor!

We were to learn though, it went way beyond the physical side of our relationship.
We were to become partners in life.

He kept saying to us “you are no longer Matthew and Catherine.
You are to become one. A unit before God.
You must think as One and move forward as One.
Your new life will be as One. Don’t forget what you will become together”.

And in our times of conflict – of devastation and turmoil, as well as moments of blissful joy and pure happiness, we always reflect on those words – ‘we are One – we will always be one’.
As One we can face whatever lies before us and be thankful for the goodness of hope and happiness.
And brilliant pre-marriage counselling that made us squirm!

My encouragement to you today is to view your partnership in the same light.
I’m not saying – forget you have a personal identity.
I’m saying that the unique joining of you and your love, is a sacred love of forming a partnership of oneness.

It’s being with your soul mate, loving them and actually liking their company too.
Even when they (and you) are unlikeable.
Being One means together you can work out even the most difficult and stretching of situations.

Oneness when you are two.
Now there’s a thing that many couples may not have thought about.

But if you want a great marriage, no an incredibly wonderful, partnership flourish, try giving One was a go and watch your connection be coloured and grow in ways you could only dream of.

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5 Ways to Woo your Valentine -Day Three/Part Three.

5 Ways to Woo your Valentine –
Day Three/Part Three.

5 ways to woo your valentine


The third in our Valentine’s Day Series is Focus.

I have pretty much lost count of the amount of times I tell my kids to Focus.
As in, focus on your schoolwork, focus on me speaking to you, focus on keeping your room tidy.
(Yeah I know the last one might be setting the bar way too high. I might need to simmer it down a notch – or ten).

Sometimes, when we have been in a relationship for a while, we tend to lose focus.

Maybe your rose coloured glasses have slipped a little and endless irritants are creeping in.
Slowly but surely, tainting your everyday life and messing with your love.

I apparently, have a bad habit of leaving the vacuum cleaner strewn across the floor.
The cord, I am told, snakes through the majority of the house and is a killer tripping hazard.
I mean, I just step over it – but it has become an annoyance to my family and I am told, one could have a catastrophic accident on that thin cord?
Personally, I think that’s being way too dramatic.
I mean, at least I am actually doing the housework.

Also whilst I am in the cleaning zone, I am also known to leave the chairs up-ended on the kitchen table.
Again, I am told that I am very lax in putting the chairs back to their original places.
My husband has pointed out that he ends up finishing the task for me, however I never seem to recollect these moments.

I lose focus of the bigger picture, because I’m a busy mum of six.
And between you and me, I dislike finishing tasks.
Strong starter, weak ender. There I have said it.

My husband despairs, during these bi-weekly occurrences.
Why he ever thought I was a non-dropping-vacuum-cleaning-angel, or a strong task finisher, I will never know.


I guess his focus was on other things in those early stages – like staring into my green eyes and marvelling at my long hair.
Or other things – but I can’t put those in a family friendly blog.

I often remind Matthew that when we were first married, he didn’t do certain things – namely passing wind in front of me.
I literally thought he was one of those special few chosen beings, who was without gas.
Not a single explosion was emitted.
I had struck gold!.

Two months into our marriage, the penny dropped.
Well actually, it was more than a penny, think lots of loud explosions from an unknown source.

Apparently, as he explained to me, in great, agonising detail, he was practically self-combusting in an effort to not kill me with the toxic gasses.
It had become a health issue and the internal pressures were so uncomfortable, it was dangerous for his well-being (my well-being was never to be the same again either, might I say).
And therefore a decision had been made that two months of marriage was time enough for some of life’s more delicate bodily functions to be revealed.

Focus – I tell you – I had to focus on all the reasons why I loved him.
I suddenly had a lifetime of living with a man I thought was windless.
Stop laughing because I know you are.
It was the first shock of my marriage and remains my biggest disappointment to this day.

Gas verses vacuum cleaner abandonment.
I know what I would choose.

So, if this Valentines Day – you are struggling to Focus on the initial goodness and spark of your love – try looking past all the irritants and remember those first giddy days of happiness and bliss.

If all else fails – buy a really good room spray.
And employ a cleaner for your wife.

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5 Ways to Woo your Valentine-Day Two/Part Two.

Part Two
of 5 Ways to Woo your Valentine,
is an easy one.


It might seem silly saying ‘Believe in your Love’.

I mean, it’s oh so easy to believe in someone when you fall in love, star’s in your eyes, can’t stop thinking about them, can’t bear to be apart for more than five minutes.

However, it’s much harder to keep on believing in them and in you as a couple, when that first flush of love wanes.

We all know, there is no such thing as the perfect marriage.
Anybody who has been married for any length of time will attest to that.
Marriage equals hard work.

I well remember when Matthew and I were on our honeymoon, 25 years ago this July.
He had surprised me with a trip to Paris.
Only problem is, I hadn’t travelled to Europe before and I wasn’t too keen on the rude Parisians.
They didn’t seem to fond of me either. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was in tears most of the time.
My poor new husband didn’t quite know what to do with me, except take me home to Australia – early.
Yes, we cut short our honeymoon because I was so homesick.
Welcome to married life and an extremely emotional young bride!

Of course, we both knew that the honeymoon was just the beginning of our adventures and in no way a reflection of the rest of our marriage.
We believed in us as a couple and a unit.
I look back on those teary first days as a married woman and barely recognise her.

Which is quite often the problem – we change.

Many years on, we aren’t the same people who took those enormous vows, in front of family and friends.
We have children, financial strains, job difficulties, health issues.
Age creeps up on us, our bodies change. Wrinkles appear where one there was smooth porcelain skin and rosy cheeks. Those lines become deeper and those cheeks sink a little.

Yet love is still there. Right?

Valentine’s Day wooing might mean Believing for you.
Reminding yourself that –

-1  Love isn’t a ‘feeling.’

because ‘feelings’ come and go like the wind.

-2 Love is a decision.

To believe the very best in your partner – always.

-3  Love is focussing on building each other up.

Rather than tearing down.
Words sting and resentment creeps up on us and before we know it, those bricks begin to mount up – one after another.
It’s a lot harder to dismantle that wall than it is to create it.

-4 Love is keeping short accounts with each other.

Communicate and discuss any issues that are brewing.
It will prevent those bricks from forming.

-5 Love is not going to sleep on your anger.

We can all live our lives like we are here forever, but there is no certainty or guarantee that we will see the sunrise tomorrow.
Truth is, we actually don’t know what’s around the corner.
For me, I don’t want to regret my words or actions.

-6 Love is saying sorry.

If you are in the wrong – apologise.
Even if you are not in the wrong – apologise and move on.
And if you both act like spoilt children, you will struggle to get past the first goal-post in life.
Be the bigger person. Always.
Your marriage will thank you for it.

An interesting study was recently conducted, revealing that at least 50% of people that chose to divorce regretted their decision once the dust had settled.
You can bet they 100% believed it was the right decision at the time, but I can’t help but think, they stopped believing in their love.

Maybe it had become dim and hazy and those bricks were just too damn high for them to knock down.

This Valentine’s Day, make Believe part of your love.

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5 Ways to Woo your Valentine – Day One/Part One.

5 Ways to Woo your Valentine
– Day One/Part One-

I will be honest, I used to be a Valentine’s Day grinch.
For a long time, I viewed it as a clever way to line, astute shop-keepers pockets.
Pure materialism.

However, a few years ago, my husband, Matthew, came home from Seminary College with a big bunch of red long-stemmed roses.

We had just sold our house in order to pay the college fees and had precious little left in terms of savings. The roses were a big treat.
And just a few minutes after that shock wore off, Matthew told me to look into the centre of those ruby delights.
There, nestled towards the base of the lovely foliage, was a small box. And we all know what small boxes contain!
It was a stunning ring, the square shaped, smoky quartz rock staring up at me – already sized for my scrawny petite fingers!

This unexpected surprise made me a Valentine’s Day convert, particularly during a really lean time of our lives.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a day to honour the early saints, named Valentinus and is recognised as a significant cultural celebration all over the world? And yes, a commercial custom as well, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are so many ways to show love to your loves and in the first of our ‘5 Ways to Woo your Valentine Series’, here is number one –

1- Seek 

Take the time to seek ways to bless your other half.
This isn’t just for the men, by the way. It’s for girls too.
Give it some major brain power and delve into ways you can build into your love.
Guys, that doesn’t always mean going out and buying a black lacy number for your woman, it’s truly a moment to solely think of them and them alone.

For Matthew, my seeking would lead to a batch of molten chocolate brownies, drizzled with salted caramel sauce (made by me) and plastered with thick cream, and he would love a hoodie from SuperDry, as a close second!
For me, it would be a peaceful morning by myself. Drinking lots of hot espressos and writing to my heart’s content. Oh – and a bunch of peonies, even if those pretty buds are out of season – the effort involved in acquiring them would be a gift on its own.

Of course, there is the other side of ‘Seek’ which is admiring someone from afar.

Wanting to make that first tentative move to see if there is any chance of igniting sparks.
We are happily married and not in that season of our lives! But there are plenty of those who are still seeking their mate. Valentine’s Day is the one time in the year to go for it and be bold!

This literally involves laying your heart onto a slab of cold concrete. Hoping like mad, your admirer feels the same way. Feel good vibes coming at you!
With this scenario, your seeking may be in private.
Think hiding behind trees or lurking along walls, just to catch a glimpse of their form and hopefully their likes and dislikes.

Whatever tactic you employ, don’t give it a miss altogether.

Why not include your children in this day of love?

My children always remember the very first Valentine’s Day we celebrated along with them. On their way to school, I swung by a classy (and expensive!!) little coffee shop, who made the most gorgeous strawberry cupcakes. I needed to take out a personal loan to afford six of their swirly crimson buttercream sweet treats. Adorned with chocolate rose-coloured petals and tasting scrumptious. However, this act of love remains a memory for them to this day.

Let’s be honest, how many days are we able to collectively love each other, all over the world, and fully demonstrate that love?I truly believe the world will be a better place, if we put love first on our agenda.

So get going on your big Valentine’s Day plans.


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When you Need to Close Shop on a Friendship.

When you Need to Close Shop on a Friendship.

Did you know if you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative?
But how do you know when it is time to close the account?

Throughout my life I have had many friendships.
Some have been through the children, some because we lived in the same suburb or village and a lot have been through church connections. 

On more than one occasion, I have asked myself what the heck am I doing with the people I give my time to?

It sounds selfish doesn’t it?

But for me, my pattern has been that I kind of fall into these friendships.
Before I know it, I am helping look after their children, having them over for dinner and spending way too much time with someone I am not sure I would have ever chosen as a friend, had I stopped and given it some thought.

The theory of stopping and actually evaluating whether you want to enter into a friendship, sounds simple enough.
But as adults, how many of us actually practice this?
Before we realise what is happening, these relationships have snuck into our lives without us realising how much time we are devoting to them.

When we first moved to the UK, I was pretty desperate to make friends!
And I will be honest.
I wasn’t particularly wise with the relationships I made.

Eighteen months down the track, I found myself in the extremely unfortunate and uncomfortable position of having to close shop, on not one, but three female friendships, that were sapping my energy and becoming a drain on my life.
It was awful.
I thought it best to be honest and tell them that I wasn’t able to give them what I believed they wanted from the friendship.
I thought if I let them go to make other connections, we would all be happier in the long-run.

What I didn’t consider was the enormous impact of the fall-out that followed.
Namely, I had to see these women every single day at the school gate for the remaining 18 months that my children attended public school.
Toe-curling awkwardness.

And of course, women like to move in groups.
With other women. And these groups build alliances.
They gossip and will form opinions of you, sometimes without never even speaking to you.

This all happened to me.
The still-newish-girl-on-the-block, who had performed friendship-suicide.

If I had my time all over again, these would be the three things I would do so very differently:

1. Faze out the friendship, not just shut down shop instantly.
This gives both parties the time to emotionally accept the growing distance and slowly come around to the fact that the two of you are simply drifting apart.
And if you have to see them most days, at least you can say hi and smile without them giving you the death stare.
The amount of death stares I received during the 18 months I shut shop, well, let’s just say, I should be in a critical condition by now.

2. Consider the impact on your children.
Again, not something I gave a lot of thought to.
I underestimated how much the fracturing of my adult friendships could affect my children’s school friendships, with my new ex-friend’s offspring.
There was a lot of confusion and questions like ‘why does your mummy not like my mummy anymore?’.
The breakdown of my mummy friendships affected the children in a big way.

3. Honesty is not always the wisest solution.
I thought if I pointed out all the reasons why our friendship wasn’t working, that both parties would affectively say ‘great plan, good points, let’s hug and part ways’.

It so wasn’t like that!

I was naive in thinking the upfront approach would work, and actually one of my friends point-blankly refused to accept all the reasons why I wanted to shut shop and didn’t leave me alone.
In fact, she didn’t leave me alone for well over 18 months.
This tactic definitely back-fired on me.

We all have friends whom we are close to for a season and a small few, who are our friends for life.
These are the rare people who show up at the right time, help you through the hard times and stay into your best times.

These are the keepers.

You might have to hug and spend time with a lot of mis-matches in your lifetime, but when you finally meet those heart friends, I guarantee all of your failed relationships will be worth it.
Because you will know a true friend when you meet her. She will be your keeper and you will be hers.

Hold onto it.

It is a gift.
A rare gift that will last through all the seasons of your life and bring such dazzling colour and deep riches, you will wonder why you put up with so many wrong friendships for so long.

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