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Children and Parenting
In this category we discuss parenting issues, share our advice from 21 years of parenting and six children, and openly talk about the highs and lows of family life in the Irwin household.

Here are the top 15:

  1. Positive parenting Without Micromanagement. (Part one of five part series)
  2. Teaching Through Play. (Part two of five part series).
  3. Why it’s OK to Say No. (Part three of five part series).
  4. Finding your Family’s Rhythms. (Part four of five part series).
  5. Raising Entitled Children. (Part five of five part series).
  6. The Mummy Wars. 
  7. Starting Over is not a Sign of Failure.
  8. Making a Corner Pretty for the Soul.
  9. When Mummy Misbehaves.
  10. Being the Gardener of Our Children’s Hearts
  11. Caution Strong Tides and Deep Water.
  12. What Happened to Simple Birthday Parties?
  13. When Five is the New Three.
  14. 52 Things Your Mother Never Told You!
  15. Why We Love Our Wooden Toys.

    Mental Health/Anxiety 

    We share our journey of Mental Health, focussing on our daughter and her battle with Bi-Polar Disorder, as well as other anxiety and depression issues.

    Here are the top 12:

    1. Why are Women So Complex.
    2. Depression and Why We Love Our Blurt Boxes.
    3. Recognising When Your Child Is Anxious.
    4. Miscarriage – When Your Baby’s Heartbeat Stops – Part One.
    5. Miscarriage – When Your Baby’s Heartbeat Stops – Part Two Angel Babies. Guest Post by Emily O’Malley
    6. Are You Stuck in the Sand?
    7. Two Sides to a Woman’s Heart – Lion and a Lamb.
    8. Starting Over is Not a Sign of Failure.
    9. When you Can’t Stay.
    10. Running With Horses on the Beach.
    11. Stop Worrying About What People Think!
    12. When Anxiety Overwhelms!

Slow Living

We discuss how to live an intentionally slow life amongst a crazy, busy world.

Here are the top 12:

  1. Hygge for all Seasons.
  2. Why Women are so Complex.
  3. When Your Dreams Don’t Come True.
  4. Living Slow in the Snow.
  5. When Life Needs a Change of Direction.
  6. When Life’s Mountain Needs Moving.
  7. A Taste of Hygge in the Country.
  8. When Self Care Becomes Another Chore.
  9. Living the Dream Days.
  10. Don’t Tell Me To Think Happy.
  11. So You Want a Dog?
  12. When Poo Is A Sticking Point.


Thirty Blogs in Thirty Days

Don’t have much time? Grab two minutes to read our short and punchy, mini-posts as part of 30 Days of Blogging.


A few ways to keep the loving vibes fresh and alive!

  1. Five Ways to Woo your Valentine Part One – Seek.
  2. Five Ways to Woo your Valentine Part Two – Believe.
  3. Five Ways to Woo your Valentine Part Three – Focus.
  4. Five Ways to Woo your Valentine Part Four – Becoming One.
  5. Five Ways to Woo your Valentine Part Five – Hug Your Love. 
  6. Living Slow in the Snow.
  7. When Love Wanes!


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