Welcome to our world of Holding Arrows.

We have been writing our blog for eight months and during that time it quickly became apparent that our audience wanted to talk primarily about parenting. So whilst we will touch on our love of the countryside, living the slow life and mental health challenges, our focus and passion is on empowering parents today.
That means you, mum and dad! Grand-parents, would-be parents, guardians, brand spanking new or many years down the road parents.

This blog is for you.

We want to share some of the things we have learnt along the way of our 21 years of parenting six children and how it is completely possible to not only enjoy being a parent, but also raise beautifully, precious, kind-hearted little people (and that includes teenagers!!)

We don’t profess to know everything (at all), but we are delighted to walk alongside you and share our story as authentically and honestly as we possibly can.

Please continue to leave your comments or private message us with your questions and stories of your own families.
We will always, always respond and count it a privilege to walk with you. We may never meet in person but we sure can connect through words and for you to know you are not alone.
This is a safe forum and our genuine desire is to equip you to parent your little (and big) people with confidence and joy.

So join our family as we navigate the inherent good, that is life, the sadness that it also can bring, and the hope in looking beyond what can’t be seen with the naked eye.

We don’t do pretend here at Holding Arrows.
We do life. Welcome friends.

Love Catherine & Matthew.