Welcome to our world of Holding Arrows.

When I was a kid I loved making new friends. And even though as an adult making friends can be a little more complicated than, “come and sit with me for lunch” or, “I have saved you a seat”, it’s just as rewarding.

The beauty of the internet is that we all have the opportunity to make world friends.
Connections from all over the beautiful globe we call home. And whilst we will not always have the same opinions or even share the same experiences, we can still be friends!
It is the goal of my husband and I, that holding arrows will open up our world and yours, as we share together.

We all want to show others the very best of us. The most flattering angles, optimum lighting for the cutest pictures, the most eye-catching headline. And whilst we will post these photos of our family that are hopefully a pleasure, our aim is to be real.
Which is why we endeavour to use all of our own photographs and we suspect our readers don’t want stock images, you want real.
And so do we.

So join our family as we navigate the inherent good, that is life, the sadness that it also can bring, and the joy in looking beyond what can’t be seen with the naked eye.

We don’t do pretend here at holding arrows. We do life. Welcome friends.